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hott_baguettes's Journal

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hott baguettes;
Hott Baguettes is the original LJ slash community, re-founded by the mods daviddesrosiers, simpleplan, and pierrebouvier dedicated to the relationship between Pierre Bouvier and David Desrosiers from the band Simple Plan. Slash is the term used for fanfiction writing about two members of the same sex, both male, being together in a homosexual relationship. Please do not join/read if you feel this is offensive!

DISCLAIMER! This community and each member in it is in no way affiliated with Pierre Bouvier, David Desrosiers and Simple Plan. Each story posted in this community is a work of fiction, which means it is false, fake and any other words that define as not real in any way shape or form. Let it be stated that nothing in here is written for money or profit. No infringement or harm is intended. Do not sue us, we are just having a little fun!

There are a few rules we'd like you to follow for this community if you are interested in joining. We assume they are not too difficult or tough to understand and accomplish.
  • Please only join if you have a love for p/d. Do not come in here to bash the pairing.
  • Every post needs to be accepted by a mod before appearing in the community. Anything posted that has nothing to do with p/d will automatically be rejected.
  • The only drama we want to see is the kind that are in fics.
  • Posting pictures/something long? Make sure it's under a lj cut!
  • Fanfiction, fanart, pictures, videos, animations and manips of the pairing are welcomed! Post as much of that stuff as you wish to!
  • Every post must be friends only, for the sake of everyone's privacy. If it's not friends only, the entry will automatically be rejected. Only exception to this is if we have an anon meme/contest, but it will eventually be locked once it's over!
  • Please be sure to include titles, chapters and ratings when posting stories so we can organize them in the memories.
  • All stories must have a rating, here is a guide to help you!
  • Stealing anyone else's stories/art will not be tolerated and you will automatically be banned. These are not published works, but that is still counted as plagiarism.

  • If you fail to comply to the obvious no harassment and/or bashing rules, you'll be given ONE warning before getting removed and banned from the community. Please do not give us mods a hard time, we are working our butts off to make this community the best for all of you!

    ALSO: What the mods say goes. Please listen to instructions to certain things if they require them, if you disobey and disregard what the mods say because you don't feel like listening, that shows disrespect and you will be removed from the community. Thank you.

    If you are confused by any of the rules stated above or know someone who is causing problems, feel free to PM any of us mods and we'll help fix it right away.

    If you don't know how exactly to fill out for your fics, below is a simple guide to follow. All you have to do is copy the text below, place on the outside of your lj-cut and fill in the blanks! You don't have to follow this form exactly to the T, but it'd be nice to fill out completely to stop confusion from readers. If you feel like something other than the necessities is unneeded, you can leave it out.

    Title: the name of your fic
    Author: add username here
    Beta: state the others just incase our lovely baguettes are not the only ones together in the fic.
    Pairings: if you have one link then for credit
    Rating: g, pg, pg-13, r, nc-17
    Warnings: anything that might offend readers
    Summary: small synopsis of your fic
    Disclaimer: please state here that you do not own p/d or anything else you might've taken for your story
    Author Notes: anything else you need to add

    The HTML to add your username in is quite simple! Just copy/paste the html in the box below.

    If you don't know how to use livejournal cut tags, they can be a bit confusing! It's okay, no big deal, they can be a bit tricky to grasp. The text box below has the html in order to complete this.

    If you want to link back chapters in your story, you can use the html below to accomplish this.

    BETAS! Our beta list is in the process of being updated! Stick around to see it posted. If you're curious and want to be a beta of hott_baguettes, the form to fill out will always be found here

    Every single post made in this community is kept saved in the memories section which is maintained and kept up to date by the mods of the community. It doesn't matter what you post; a fic, pictures, videos, fan-made things, etc...they are all put into the memories in case other members of the community want to go back in time and look for something specific.

    Have you ever spent hours searching for a specific fic and failed trying to find it or anything close at the end? Well fear not if you are a member of this community and want to find a certain post!

    When it comes to fics, to help ease the pain of trying to find a long lost one that you just can't seem to get a hold of, each is saved in the archives in a very specific way. First we separate the fics by their ratings and split chaptered fics away from one-shots. Once that's accomplished, we then proceed to save the fic using the date it was posted, then the name (plus chapter if needed) and finally the author. So if you cannot remember what the fic was called, or who the author was, if you can at LEAST recall the time of year the fic was posted and the rating of it, there's a good chance you'll find it!

    Here are some cute things to spice up your userinfo with if you want to link back to the community!



    **If you want to contribute your own banners/buttons feel free to post them in the community and we'll put them in here.